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Changes in hormones cause a number of symptoms from mood changes to night sweats, but it also affects vaginal health causing discomfort that may affect your sex drive. The women’s health experts at ReJuv MedSpa in Kissimmee, Florida, provide a number of treatment options to rejuvenate vaginal health and relieve your discomfort, including MonaLisa Touch® and labiaplasty. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about your treatment options.

Sexual Health Q & A

Vaginal Health After Menopause

Whether from bearing children or going through menopause, fluctuations in your hormone levels can have a significant impact on the health of your vagina. Some common symptoms include:

  • Pain during intercourse
  • Vaginal dryness or itchiness


If you’re experiencing these symptoms, MonaLisa Touch, the only FDA cleared device to help with vaginal dryness, may be something you need to consider. As experts in women’s health, the team at ReJuv MedSpa can help determine if you would benefit from vaginal treatment and which treatment option is the best choice for you.


What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a laser vaginal health treatment that helps restore vaginal tissue. It stimulates the production of collagen, the protein that helps make vaginal tissue strong and pliable, to rejuvenate health and function.

Treatment isn’t painful, requires no downtime, and you may notice a significant improvement in vaginal health within a few days after treatment. But for best results, you may need a series of treatments set at four to six-week intervals.


What is labiaplasty?

If you’re unhappy with the look or feel of your labia, the women’s health and surgical experts at ReJuv MedSpa offer labiaplasty, a procedure that helps reshape and shorten your labia for improved aesthetics and function.

A labiaplasty is more invasive than other forms of vaginal health and may require downtime following treatment. The team at ReJuv MedSpa will go over the procedure and what to expect so you can prepare as needed.

During your vaginal health evaluation, Dr. Caceres and her team at ReJuv MedSpa will address your concerns and develop a treatment plan that works best for you. Call the office today or schedule an appointment using the online booking agent.




The Priapus Shot is a quick usually painless non-surgical procedure that takes 20 minutes to complete. The PShot is designed to help men experiencing decreased sensation and pleasure or have an inability to achieve firmness during relations. It is also designed for men experiencing a decrease in size (usually occurs with aging). The Priapus Shot procedure begins with numbing the penis and then a simple blood draw from the arm where we will obtain platelet rich plasma (PRP) is obtained. Then using a proprietary technique, platelet rich plasma is then injected into the shaft and into the head of the penis. There is no recovery time and their results are almost immediate in some men. Full results appear in 2-3 months.


Non Surgical Drug-Free Enjoy Sexual relations on the day of procedure Increased sensitivity Increased desire Larger girth and length Almost instantaneous results Fast and relatively painless Better, healthier sex


Research showed that all 7 steps of the Priapus Shot protocol for treating Peyronies's Disease can often lead to dramatic improvement with a straighter and firmer erection. The Priapus Shot procedure uses science shown by research to (1) decrease inflammation, (2) increase circulation and (3) remodel scar tissue. Results may vary from person to person and no procedure works for all people.



The O Shot procedure is designed for women who suffer from urinary leakage, low sexual arousal, painful sex and vaginal dryness. is a quick, This usually painless 20 minute procedure begins with a simple blood draw and then using a proprietary technique, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the blood and injected into the numbed area near the clitoris and upper vagina. There is no recovery time and results are almost immediate in some women.


Almost anyone can get the O-Shot. Your doctor will help you determine is this is the best procedure for you. women both on and off hormone replacement therapy can usually benefit from the O-Shot procedure.


In recent studies, researchers determined that most women suffering with lichen sclerosis showed improvement when treated with the o-Shot procedure. Women reported statistically significant improvement in symptoms and pathologist observed a decrease in inflammation.

O SHOT and MonaLisa Touch

When the O Shot and MonaLisa Touch are combined, the effects of the laser on vaginal dryness is completed by the benefits of the O-Shot. Women report feeling heighten sexual sensation and arousal combined with naturally well lubricated tissue.